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Fire-proof material

Unit price($): 70000~1000000
Patent?: None
Function: Fire-proof material
Terms of trade: Transfer
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Location China
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Place of develop:Suzhou, China

Time of develop:2013-08-20

The subordinate unit or company:Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co., Ltd.

Staff member: Mechadvisor

Technology introduction

Fireproof material refers to various kinds of materials used for building materials that are of absolute importance to modern fire prevention. Commonly used fireproof material includes fire prevention board, fire door, fireproof glass, fireproof coating fireproof bag and so on.

Fire prevention board is the most commonly used material in the market. There are two commonly used: one is high pressure decorative fireproof board, its advantages are fire prevention, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, oil resistant, easy to clean, and the color variety is more. other is the glass magnesium fire prevention board, the outer layer is the decoration material, the inner layer is the mineral glass magnesium fireproof material, can resist 1500 degree high temperature, but the adornment is not strong.

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