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Mineral wool board production line

Unit price($): 1200000.0
Sale Type: Good commissioned
Production Category: Mechanical products- New product
Freight cost: Bilateral consultations
Supplier: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
Location: China
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   The mineral wool is the main raw materials of the mineral fiber board, which is formed by the process of forming, drying, cutting, rolling and facing with appropriate amount of adhesive. It has the advantages of good sound absorption, no combustion, no deformation, small absorption rate, low thermal conductivity, light quality, beautiful, etc. It is widely used in auditorium, movie theater, subway, tunnel, shopping mall, railway station, airport, hotel, etc. It is a kind of ideal decorative absorbing material and an efficient energy saving material.

Name: Mineral wool board production line
Technology Name:
Function: Mineral wool board
Place of Origin: China
Capacity: 4million m2 per year
Energy consumption:
Automaticity(PLC): Full-automatic
Equipment material: rolled steel
Free samples: No
Size(mm): 0.00
Width(mm): 0.00
Weight of equipment: 0
Core accessories'brands:
Industry: Production line
Category: Mineral wool board production line
Equipment type: Others
Inventory: 10
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