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Hydraulic Hot Press Brake

Unit price($): 15000.0
Sale Type: Good commissioned
Production Category: Mechanical products- Used
Freight cost: Bilateral consultations
Supplier: Osima KST Metalwork Co., Ltd.
Location: China
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Descriptions of CNC Metal Bending Machine:

■ Totally European design, streamlined looking,Monoblock,Welded steel frame rigid to deflection moment and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.

■ AccruL PRESS BRAKE incorporates ESTUN E10 controls offer not only failsafe operation of the vital operations of the machine,but also offer the operator considerable assistance in carrying out the entire bending process.

■ This type of metal machining tool is a kind of steel torsion bar synchro press brake. Electronic control of back gauge and ram stroke, data displayed and manual setting.

■ Adopt integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable and easy for maintenance.Hydraulic system is from Bosch – Rexroth,Germany.

■ All seals in cylinder is PARKER from USA,the most famous brand,good quality and high performance

■ Electrical panel with cooling system designed to meet CE Standards and composed of automation and electrical equipments with SIEMENS brand

■ Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch,easy to operate.

■ Front Side Covers with safety switches, Back light safety guards (Category-4),Foot pedal conforming to CE regulation.

■ The machine by the European Union CE certification and ISO quality system certification

Name: Hydraulic Hot Press Brake
Technology Name:
Function: Hot press
Place of Origin: China
Energy consumption:
Automaticity(PLC): Full-automatic
Equipment material: rolled steel
Free samples: No
Size(mm): 0.00
Width(mm): 0.00
Weight of equipment: 0
Core accessories'brands:
Industry: Building materials machinery
Category: Hot press
Equipment type: Broaching
Inventory: 100
Useful Life:
Good reputation0%
60% Complete (warning)
Medium review0%
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Negative comment0%
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