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Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Block Machine/AAC Plant/AAC Production Line Manufacturer

Unit price($): 200000.0
Sale Type: Good commissioned
Production Category: Mechanical products- Used
Freight cost: Bilateral consultations
Supplier: Jiangsu Hengqian Steel Co., Ltd.
Location: China
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1.Detailed information:

  (1)Professional manufacturer of Aerated autoclaved concrete block machine for 15 years;
  (2)Our products have passed ISO9001:2008,BV,CE,SGS certification;
  (3)Engineers available to service machinery overseas;
  (4)Warranty:one year,24 hours technical support by e-mail;


2. Aerated autoclaved concrete block machine Introduction:

   Aerated autoclaved concrete block machine is the semi-automatic brick making machine we design and fabricate to meet the market demand, it is all mechanical transmission, automatic pallet feeding and concrete material feeding to save manpower and reduce the labor intensity, has the advantage of compact structure, reliable operation, very low malfunction rate, and easy maintenance and transportation, utilize the mold vibration technology to form the excellent shape, dense frame and high compressive strength brick, with fewer cement consumption.By changing different mold, the Aerated autoclaved concrete block machine can produce different wall brick, porous brick and cement solid brick, it can meet the brick requirement of all kinds of civil construction project.

 Main Process Flow of AAC Production line/Autoclaved Aerated Block Making Machine:

1. Raw material: Store the fly-ash (tailings etc), lime and gypsum after milling to the needed fineness (200 mesh)

2. Mixing the fly-ash, cement, lime, gypsum and water in the pot after batching.
3. Promote the slurry temperature to 40-50 degree by steam, and mill with aluminum powder for 1min.
4. Pour the slurry into the mould, and still in the curing room for frothing in 2-2.5h.
5. Cut it in to needed size by the cutter after the slurry approach the cutting intensity, and place the block on the trolley.
6. Autoclaved curing after the trolley enter into the autoclave (vacuum, rise the pressure, keep the pressure, reduce the pressure),keeping the constant pressure 1.2MPa. The whole process needs about 8 hours.
7. The products out of the autoclave are placed in a stack. We can recycle the scrap and the waste water from the whole production.

Name: Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Block Machine/AAC Plant/AAC Production Line Manufacturer
Technology Name:
Function: Brick Making Machine
Place of Origin: China
Energy consumption:
Automaticity(PLC): Full-automatic
Equipment material: rolled steel
Free samples: No
Size(mm): 0.00
Width(mm): 0.00
Weight of equipment: 0
Core accessories'brands:
Industry: Production line
Category: AAC Block Production Line
Equipment type: Broaching
Inventory: 100
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