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High Performance Gypsum Plasterboard Production Line

Unit price($): 1500000.0
Sale Type: Good commissioned
Production Category: Mechanical products- Used
Freight cost: Bilateral consultations
Supplier: Jiangsu Hengqian Steel Co., Ltd.
Location: China
Credit points: 0

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High Performance Gypsum Plasterboard Production Line

Introduction of gypsum board/panel production line:

1. Production capacity: 2 to 20 million m2/year

2. Raw materials for production:
Gypsum, shielding paper, modified starch, foaming agent, glue and water

3. Fuel: Natural gas, diesel, heavy oil, coal

4. Specification of final product:
Thickness: 8mm-20mm
Width: 1200mm, 1220mm or 1250mm
Length: 1800-4500mm (adjustable)

5. Raw Material Consumption
(Based on 12.5 mm gypsum board for reference)

6. Sucessful cases:
We have successfully delivered many gypsum board production lines to UAE, Oman, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Iran. 

7. Payment conditions:
A.  Payment terms: 30% T/T in advance; 70%L/C or T/T
B. We can provide quality guarantee;
C. Kunlun bank account available to make convenient for Iranian clients

Name: High Performance Gypsum Plasterboard Production Line
Technology Name:
Function: Plasterboard
Place of Origin: China
Energy consumption:
Automaticity(PLC): Full-automatic
Equipment material: rolled steel
Free samples: No
Size(mm): 0.00
Width(mm): 0.00
Weight of equipment: 0
Core accessories'brands:
Industry: Production line
Category: Plasterboard production line
Equipment type: Broaching
Inventory: 100
Useful Life:
Good reputation0%
60% Complete (warning)
Medium review0%
60% Complete (warning)
Negative comment0%
60% Complete (warning)

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