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Pulse Long Cloth Bag Dedusting Equipment

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Product Description

ZB type mechanical vibratory bag filter
The principle of ZB type mechanical vibratory bag filter:

1.Mechanical vibrator type dust collector is a kind of dust collector which uses mechanical vibrating device to periodically filter the filter bag to remove dust from the surface. It's called mechanical vibration bag filter.
2.Mechanical vibration bag type dust collector is one of the commonly used bag type dust collector, with micro and small filter is the main form of rapping filter bags in the shape of flat belt mechanical vibrator is used more, this product adopts square body combined structure, installation is more flexible, the working principle of the electric push rod device is installed in the bag chamber into the hole by open blow against the air inlet, has negative pressure in the bag chamber the natural wind air bag to breathe in some cleaning to achieve jitter.
3.It takes only half a minute in each room to clean up the ashes of dozens of bags in the bag room.

ZB type mechanical vibratory bag filter constitute:
It is composed of a dust collector shell, a flower plate and a number of vibrator bars and a cloth bag.
The advantages of ZB type mechanical vibratory bag filter:
1. with the flat bag filter, the filter area is greatly increased and the effect of dust removal is improved.
2. using high quality microporous composite filter material, the flexibility is strong, the dusts are stripped well, and the dust cleaning is easier.
3. work life long, according to the vibrator power divided into manual vibration and automatic vibrator bag type dust remover,
4. manual vibration operation is reliable, making ash cleaning simple, fast, safe, and can also install electric vibrator dust and other devices, should be determined by customer requirements.

Name: Pulse Long Cloth Bag Dedusting Equipment
Technology Name:
Function: Dust
Place of Origin: China
Energy consumption:
Automaticity(PLC): Full-automatic
Equipment material: rolled steel
Free samples: No
Size(mm): 0.00
Width(mm): 0.00
Weight of equipment: 0
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Industry: Electromechanical equipment
Category: Dedusting equipment
Equipment type: Broaching
Inventory: 100
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