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Case      2018-03-30    


Since 2008 , AL-HASM has been purchasing aluminum veneers and other materials from Broaden Shanghai and Aluke Hangzhou, which are joint ventures partly owned by Mechadvisor. In 2014 , AL-HASM added glass, galvanized sheets, and cement boards to their purchase list. In 2016 , AL-HASM planned to establish multiple building material factories in UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.


Mr Hamad, Chairman of the Board, and Mr Waddah, General Manager of AL-HASM accompanied by a team from Mechadvisor, inspected the tempered glass, HDG, gypsum board, aluminum fireproof board, and cement fiberboard project in almost 10 cities located in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hebei, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. 

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Mechadvisor proposed to AL-HASM a series of solutions including that AL-HASM should invest in the aluminum fireproof board project in UAE, cement fiberboard project in Turkey, plasterboard project in Jordan, and the glass project in Saudi Arabia. Based on capital, market, and manpower management considerations, AL-HASM accepted Mechadvisor's proposal.


The aluminum fireproof board project is currently under construction in Sharjah, UAE, and will be put into operation in April, 2018. AL-HASM expressed their satisfaction with the arrangement provided by Mechadvisor on technical equipment supply and talents. AL-HASM also made clear their intention to go into long-term, strategic cooperation with Mechadvisor to develop the global market, including investing in more factories in Jordan and Turkey.