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Case      2018-03-30    

Mr Daryoush, founder of Premiumd, visited the booth of Hangzhou Aluke, which later became Mechadvisor during the 2009 Autumn Canton Fair, and proposed to purchase the high-speed production line for aluminum plates.


ALUKE was then exhibiting construction decoration material instead of machinery. After thorough investigation, President Fan discovered that Mr Daryoush had been the partner of UAE factory of Alubond, a renowned US brand in aluminum composite panel sector, and that Mr Daryoush withdrew his investment and established his own factory because of his conflicts with Alubond during the cooperation.


During a negotiation that only lasted 3 hours on site, President Fan convinced Mr Daryoush that Aluke will propose a customized, detailed development plan on issues like equipment output, technology, and talent when Mr Daryoush establishes his own brand in Iran in the first year.


Premiumbond never disappoints anyone, with 200,000 square units of aluminum plate sales in Iran in 2010 and 600,000 in 2011 in the same market.Since 2012, Aluke has been providing Premiumbond with production lines, both normal and high speed lines. By 2014, when Premiumbond has become the industry leader and renowned brand in Iran, Aluke has offered operation technology training at Indian plants, dispatched Chinese and Indian engineers to provide on-site service at the Iranian plant, and made arrangements on accessories, raw material, and wearing part purchase, among many other services. This enables Premiumbond to focus on developing markets.Premiumbond was visited by the Iranian President in 2016.


In 2017, Premiumbond set its ambition on the global market in close cooperation with Mechadvisor on new technology import, fire-proof board, MDF, HPL, plastic particle import and export. In the near future, Premiumbond will definitely becomes a top brand in yet another two sectors.