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ACP marketing

Case      2018-03-30    

Cooperation Version 1.0:


In 2003, our Indian customers began to consult on and inspect aluminum composite panel equipment. We recommend that they launch the panel sales to develop the market first. Our customer started selling the panels in 2003 and launched the sales of coating aluminum coils, molecular film, and protective film both upstream and downstream in 2004. In 2006, our customer started exporting equipment and technology, and established their plant. In 2007, they increased the number of production lines and established their brand. They became a role model and renowned brand in the Indian aluminum composite panel sector with 4 panel production lines in 2009. In 2010, Indobond started investing in other sectors.

Cooperation Version 2.0:


ACP marketing hopes to invest in potential production projects in India with the help from Mechadvisor, whose platform was established in 2016. After thorough negotiation and investigation, both sides believe that the wood-based panel sector in India is promising because of the potential huge market, profit margin, and growth momentum. Mechadvisor began helping ACP marketing in project preparation. However, ACP marketing needed more time for financing because of the high financial threshold for this project.


In 2017, Mechadvisor proposed a development plan for ACP marketing. In order to seize the market proactively, Mechadvisor proposed that APC marketing use second-hand equipment first, as the fast upgrade in domestic market and environmental concerns requires fast equipment phasing-out. Mechadvisor found almost 10 second-hand production lines still in good condition, whose core parts are imported from US and Italy and other parts provided by famous domestic manufacturers. Adopting these lines saves up to 66% of the original investment.


ACP marketing was satisfied with the business inspection, choice of equipment, negotiation, equipment assessment, technology consultation, disassembling and re-assembling of equipment, among many other proposals. ACP marketing India refers its partner enterprises to Mechadvisor as potential client and buyer and gave Mechadvisor valuable advice. This marks the Cooperation Version 2.0 for both sides.