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Second-hand equipment with technology and service output

Mechadvisor have made a comprehensive service according weakness of the trading service in the second-hand market. Mechadvisor are not limited to second-hand mechanical trading, Mechadvisor also have perfect supporting after-sales service. Mechadvisor help the buyer to solve the problem of technology, installation, and after-sales service. In addition, Mechadvisor help the seller to solve the problem of timely and after-sales service, and then the seller can avoid the risk of a deal failure.

Process & Module Service

The vision of Mechadvisor is to make mechanical trading services more streamlined and modular, so that buyers and sellers can better experience the convenience and professional services.

Technology and equipment & service output

Buyer: domestic and foreign customers with requirements, trading companies, factories with technical upgrading requirements and expansibility requirements, individuals and teams in trade services, responsible for economic development functions, etc.

Seller: machinery equipment manufacturers, technology research and development institutions, mechanical trade services company, factories with the need for technological upgrading and transformation, factories with idle equipment, responsible for economic development, technical engineers, etc.

Third party services: equipment and technology assessment agencies, engineer groups and institutions, inspection companies, logistics, legal services, consulting, training, business, etc.

The total output of design scheme

Mechadvisor makes a one-to-one comprehensive scheme design according to different customers' different needs. Thus, it can help customers to help customers simplify the complicated transaction process, which has reached the optimized transaction process.