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Case Presentation
With abundant overseas customers to help the company products in overseas market
  • ACP marketing
    New Delhi, India
    In 2003, our Indian customers began to consult on and inspect aluminum composite panel equipment. We recommend that they launch the panel sales to develop the market first. Our customer started selling the panels in 2003 and launched the sales of coating aluminum coils, molecular film, and protective film both upstream and downstream in 2004. In 2006, our customer started exporting equipment and technology, and established their plant. In 2007, they increased the number of production lines and established their brand. They became a role model and renowned brand in the Indian aluminum composite panel sector with 4 panel production lines in 2009.
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Since 2008 , AL-HASM has been purchasing aluminum veneers and other materials from Broaden Shanghai and Aluke Hangzhou, which are joint ventures partly owned by Mechadvisor. In 2014 , AL-HASM added glass, galvanized sheets, and cement boards to their purchase list. In 2016 , AL-HASM planned to establish multiple building material factories in UAE, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.Mr Hamad, Chairman of the Board, and Mr Waddah, General Manager of AL-HASM accompanied by a team from Mechadvisor, inspected the tempered glass, HDG, gypsum board, aluminum fireproof board, and cement fiberboard project in almost 10 cities located in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hebei, Zhejiang, and Shanghai.
  • Premiumbond
    Shiraz ,Iran
    Mr Daryoush, founder of Premiumd, visited the booth of Hangzhou Aluke, which later became Mechadvisor during the 2009 Autumn Canton Fair, and proposed to purchase the high-speed production line for aluminum plates.ALUKE was then exhibiting construction decoration material instead of machinery. After thorough investigation, President Fan discovered that Mr Daryoush had been the partner of UAE factory of Alubond, a renowned US brand in aluminum composite panel sector, and that Mr Daryoush withdrew his investment and established his own factory because of his conflicts with Alubond during the cooperation.
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One-stop Service covering the whole Machinery Industry chain

High Quality Equipment

Mechadvisor is the possibility to have a large number of business needs to help the company's products rapidly grow into an industry benchmark for overseas markets.

Equipment Expert Consultation     
  • Jacky Jiang

    Equipment business consultant

    10 YearsChina

    Tang Yapeng

    Business Analyst

    5 YearsChina

  • Zhang Jing

    Equipment purchasing agent

    2 YearsChina

    Saed Mohamad

    After-sales service technical expert

    10 YearsPakistan

Technology Research and Development

Provide technology transfer to make technology more valuable and help China to contribute to the development of the world's machinery

Business Consulting Service     
  • Angie Fan

    Overall project consulting for factory

    10 YearsDubai

    Bourguigneau Mathieu

    Business Consulting Service

    4 YearsFrance

  • Lilly Zhang

    Business Consulting Service

    10 YearsChina

    Pierre Rodallec

    Business Consulting Service

    2 YearsFrance

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Mechadvisor industrialization Service Ecological chain
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Service Supply Chain
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International Trade
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Production Equipment Technology Export
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Industry S2B 2C
Cross-border e-comm-
erce platform
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Production Management Talent Export
Relocate Production Abroad
Relocate Production Abroad
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Cross-border service supply chain
Supply Chain Finance
Integrate the strength of industry experts and trade service providers, do modular process services and one-stop services, and do solution services. Demand matching, expert consultation, second-hand equipment evaluation, insurance, solutions, project evaluation, market analysis, business investigation, document translation, business negotiation, contract services, documentation, customs, import and export transactions, payment protection, transportation services, Quality aftermarket
Cross-border trade in new materials, technologies and production equipment between China and overseas developing countries (along Belt and Road)
Mechanical manufacturing equipment supply, second-hand equipment, spare parts, mechanical research and development, high-tech, production line transfer, Integrated plant scheme

Accurate matching deal making proprietary businesses massive buyers to expand profits, associate services, tracking services

Industry expert guidance, production management output, technical talent output, operator talent output
Smart Contract, Smart Manufacturing, Big Data, Data Innovation
Import and Export Transactions, Cargo Transportation, Insurance, Payment, Finance, Financial Lease, etc
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