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About Us

Mechadvisor is working on the transfer of productivity and output of manufacturing technology in China. In addition to online consulting and information docking, we focus more on professional and efficient services and providing total solutions.

For both new and used equipment, especially for the latter one, they will all get technology and business service from us, for example like sourcing, technology and equipment evaluation, inbound and outbound, finance, and etc. Mechadvisor can also provide the supply of raw materials and formulations and related services.

Mechadvisor will closely follow the “One Belt And One Road” initiative and “made in China to 2025” development strategy proposed by the Chinese government. Mechadvisor will take the best Chinese products and create ideas to One Belt And One Road countries, and share development opportunities with you guys in this best time.

Mechadvisor is global machinery and equipment supply integrated solutions service provider, machinery and equipment industry of the 4S center. (Sales. Survey, Solution, Spare parts).